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Pangea Climbs to #1 Money Transfer Service on Google Play and Apple App Stores

May 21, 2020

Pangea has a strong tradition of internalizing what it means to be an immigrant in the United States to provide the best products and services to our customer base.

We’re thrilled to have stellar reviews from our customers, but that’s not the only way we collect feedback. We’re constantly communicating with our customers to improve their experience.

Making a Great First Impression

Every great relationship begins with a positive first impression.  Every time a new customer uses a Pangea product, our Head of Customer Experience reaches out asking for feedback. We check in with our customers to make sure the experience is everything they expected. If it wasn’t, they can simply reply to our email to get a response from our Customer Experience team.

If a customer doesn’t come back to Pangea after their first transaction, our Customer Experience team reaches out to understand why, and how we can improve their experience.

A Strong Reputation

We know that online reviews are one of the most trusted forms of marketing. That’s why we encourage customers to leave us honest reviews across many platforms including Trustpilot, Google Play, and Apple App Store.

Since we’ve begun actively prompting customers to leave us reviews on Android & iOS apps, we’ve seen our ratings increase to record heights on both platforms. That makes us the #1 rated money transfer app on both platforms! Since rising to #1, we’ve seen a 25% lift in downloads from the app stores. 

We know that reviews are only one part of the equation, which is why we also put a lot of emphasis on customer referrals. There’s no better compliment than a personal recommendation. Each of our customers has a unique referral code to share with family and friends. 

Powerful Feedback

Customers commonly share that they love the ease of use, fast money transfer speeds, and competitive rates offered by Pangea. We’re also proud to regularly receive praise on how responsive and kind our Customer Experience agents are. 

Most importantly, customers say they trust us to get money to their loved ones. So much so that they want more offerings from Pangea. In addition to sending money with us, customers asked to be able to quickly re-send transfers and pay bills for their loved ones abroad. Both features are now available in our app and have been enthusiastically received. Customers also expressed a need for a bank account that is tightly integrated into our mobile app. We’ve since launched Pangea Card, expanding our arsenal of integrated tools allowing customers to manage finances domestically and abroad.

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