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Announcing: Pangea Connect. Our Next Step in Democratizing Mobile Remittances

May 31, 2019

Pangea Money Transfer’s initial goal was ambitious but simple: Reimagine remittances with cutting-edge, mobile-first technology. In a few short years, we’ve succeeded in shifting the industry’s focus, revolutionizing outdated processes and allowing users to move money across borders in mere seconds.

Now, we’re excited to take our unique offering to the next level by partnering with other brands through our new service, Pangea Connect. This pioneering program enables us to reach even more global money senders while also helping companies further meet their customers’ financial needs. As a first-of-its-kind platform, Pangea Connect is a Remittance-as-a-Service (RaaS) technology and provides our partners with a simple, yet strategic way to add value to their customers — either through an entirely new branded app or via an integration with our RESTful API.

Pangea Connect serves two distinct, but equally important audiences. First, brands based outside of the U.S. can use Pangea Connect to increase their market share and reach new customers within the U.S. Second, for U.S.-based technology companies, Pangea Connect delivers remittances as a new feature to their existing offerings, increasing retention and adding incremental revenue.

With Pangea Connect, we help our partners reach new customers and grow their business. By absorbing all fraud risk and providing the technology, licensing, customer service and marketing support necessary, we create an easy, low-resistance path for brands looking to grow revenue by facilitating mobile remittances. Brands are able to focus on creating a great user experience — we’ll take care of the rest.

Expanding our money-transfer mission

As we’ve built and honed our mobile-money-transfer application over the years, brands often saw our mobile payment success and asked us to develop similar solutions for their customers. We deferred, opting to focus our efforts internally. This year, we stepped back and reconsidered what these strategic partnerships could mean for our customers and our core mission.

By joining forces with our partners, we can improve the customer experience, reach exponentially more customers and accelerate our path toward financially empowering disadvantaged populations across the world.

Through Pangea Connect, we will bring our remittance-sending software, expertise, and support to our partners, enabling them to:

We look forward to partnering with brands across the world to help them meet (and exceed) the everyday needs of their customers. Pangea Connect enables us to not only assist brands in delivering additional value to users, but grow our impact and efforts toward worldwide financial empowerment.

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