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Pangea Connect: Sending Millions via Quikz

September 2, 2020

Since launching white label app, Quikz, with Cebuana Lhuillier, we’ve helped customers send millions of dollars to the Philippines. When COVID-19 hit the world, we wanted to do even more to ensure our Filipino customers could take care of their families. 

Full-Service Offering 

With Pangea’s Remittance-as-a-Service (RaaS), white label partners get more than just a branded money transfer app and fraud prevention. They also get dedicated marketing support to quickly and efficiently attract and retain customers. Upon launching Quikz last summer, Pangea had a unique opportunity to leverage Cebuana’s well-known brand to generate attention in the Filipino marketplace. 

We analyzed the entire value chain from the target market to landing pages and creative assets. It wasn’t long before we were able to implement customized campaigns across multiple channels, both sender-side — targeting U.S.-based prospects sending money to the Philippines, and receiver-side — campaigns run from the Philippines, inside of Cebuana stores. 

This advertisement ran on TV screens inside Cebuana stores in the Philippines. 

Supporting Healthcare Heroes

When the pandemic hit, we were worried about the impact on remittances, but we didn’t fully appreciate how much worse the economic impact was in the Philippines. Many Filipinos depend on funds from family members in the U.S. to pay for housing, food, and medicine. 

A large percentage of healthcare workers in the US are Filipino immigrants. With many of these healthcare workers being on the frontlines of the pandemic, we decided to show our support by offering them fee-free transfers via Quikz. Providing free transfers made it easier and cheaper for hundreds of Filipino healthcare workers to support their loved ones in this difficult time.

A person wearing a hat and glasses

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Filipino healthcare workers sent selfies of themselves at work to earn free transfers.

In partnership with Cebuana’s marketing team, Pangea implemented high-touch marketing campaigns at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Now, one year into our partnership, customers are sending millions of dollars to their families every month using Quikz, helping us truly prove the power of our RaaS offering. 

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