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Trust in Tech: How Pangea Connects with Immigrant Communities

October 10, 2019
by Nishu Thukral, CEO Pangea Money Transfer

When it comes to adopting new technology, trust is earned, not given. New products must solve a specific problem of your unique audience or risk floating out into the app store abyss, unprofitable and unused.

Success means being familiar with your customers and addressing their unique needs. That’s why at Pangea Money Transfer, we prioritize customer experience every step of the way. For our team, the professional is personal. Our product is built to simplify the process of sending funds across borders, a deeply personal issue on which many people are wary of dramatic change. This initial skepticism makes earning customer trust even more important.

We understand the pain points for those sending money home to their friends and family because many of us have lived it. Our money transfer solution is life-changing for our users because it comes from a common understanding and shared experiences. We are reimagining cross-border money movement in a way that’s strongly tailored to our customers’ ever-changing needs and situations, making it easier to connect with them on a deeper level and develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

Knowing our users

I grew up in Kuwait, where my parents had moved for better professional opportunities. From a young age, I saw them working and sending money back home to family in India. I learned about the importance of moving money across borders and the lifeline it provides early on. I, along with many of our employees, fundamentally understand our users. This connection allows us to deliver services they find valuable, building loyalty and stronger relationships.

But our knowledge of users doesn’t rest solely on personal experience. We take getting to know our customers seriously, with in-depth surveys, careful review of feedback and analysis of geographic behavioral differences. We are continuously evolving to remain in line with the preferences of our senders and receivers. While their basic need — sending money across borders — hasn’t changed, technological developments have allowed us to solve for this in new and creative ways.

Keeping your customers’ needs as a guiding light is paramount for building trust in your company, particularly for tech products that are often the subject of consumer skepticism. Our app has changed a lot since its initial conception back in 2012, but not because of rebrands or top-down directives. Every change is spurred by real customer feedback, keeping Pangea valued by users and helping maintain trust.

Addressing unmet needs

Pangea has grown its user base by consistently delivering on our promise and evaluating — and acting on — the feedback of our customers. Identifying and solving these needs is in our company DNA, with our initial product launch taking place through brand ambassadors in immigrant communities. Through these personal connections and a product that solves a specific problem in a life-changing way, we tapped into a formula for tech success.

All of Pangea’s innovation is aimed at saving our users effort and costs. The very concept of mobile money transfers simplifies a process that has traditionally been mired in paperwork and time-consuming lines. This overarching theme enables us to keep our customers first through every stage of product development, which helps create a service that they value. While many are hesitant to replace their remittance routine with a new model, time and money savings are appealing. Our near-instant transfers are making a necessary, but time-consuming task that much easier.

We don’t build trust with users by telling them to trust us — we do it by showing why they can. Pangea is motivated by personal experience but shaped by the stories happening every day for the people who use our product. Our recipe for earning trust with immigrant communities isn’t complex: we identified an unmet need, and every day we devote our resources to solving it the best way we can.

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