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Making money transfer safe and secure

July 15, 2015

Hello! My name is Felipe and I’m a Compliance Officer here at Pangea Money Transfer. As a member of our Security Team, our success depends on the security of our users. That’s why our #1 goal is making sure our money transfer app is not only fast and easy but the safest too! So no matter what country you’re sending money to, you can run all your transactions securely and smoothly from one place.

We understand how hard it can be to support a family in the U.S. and also send money back home to loved ones. With our superior technology and team by your side, security is one less thing you have to worry about day-to-day. Your hard earned money travels safely to its destination.

What makes Pangea Money Transfer so safe?

Secure login

When money transfer transactions only need a phone number and password to log in, you don’t expose saved bank details or card numbers. Plus, we verify your phone number immediately after creating an account. So it’s an added layer of protection!

We never stop

We monitor your transactions 24/7. So you can rest easy. Even when you let your guard down, we don’t! And remember you can track the status of your transactions at any time!

Next-level technology

We build and invest in superior protection for our users and their information. This keeps all money transfers heavily guarded from start to finish.

Fraud prevention

Contact us if anything seems suspicious and we can help you prevent unauthorized transactions. We’ll never ask for sensitive information in an email. So be ready to pick up the phone if needed!

Dispute resolution

If there’s a problem with a transaction, we’ll stay involved every step of the way until the investigation is resolved. If an unauthorized transaction occurs, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

To learn more about security at Pangea Money Transfer, explore our commonly asked questions. Then, rest easier the next time you send money abroad!


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