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How Pangea’s Customer Service Compares to Competitors

August 21, 2020

Pangea is proud to be the top-rated money transfer app on Google Play and Apple app stores, but we’re always looking for ways to improve. That’s why our Director of Customer Experience, James Cory, put us to the test to see how we actually stacked up against similar applications.

James sent transfers via Pangea and four competing applications before calling each customer service line to cancel his transaction. Here’s how Pangea’s customer service compared to Xoom, Remitly, Western Union, and World Remit. 

Reaching a live agent

Once customers send a transfer via Pangea, they receive a confirmation via text message. Although each platform required the receiver’s cell phone number to complete the transfer, only one of the four competitors provided text confirmation.

When first calling the customer service line, Pangea connected James to a live agent within 8 seconds after he completed the phone tree. Our competitors had wait times from 6 minutes to 26 minutes, and one never connected James to a live agent. 

If Pangea’s wait time is longer than usual, our customers can opt to get a callback.

Processing the request

Upon connection, Pangea’s agent was able to verify James’s information and process his request within 3 minutes. 

James didn’t have as much luck with our competitors. One competitor had difficulty finding his account and placed James on a second extended hold. Another competitor accidentally hung up on him, making him call again to resolve the issues. As for the competitor that James was unable to reach by phone, the transfer was successfully canceled, but only after sending the request by email.

Efficient resolution
Overall, Pangea was the fastest and most efficient experience for James, taking less than 5 minutes to complete from dialing the customer service line to resolution. But we know that customer service is about more than wait times, it’s about the experience customers have in the unlikely event that they need to reach out to our team. That’s why, if a customer needs to call our service line, our team always strives to make the resolution more memorable than the problem.

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