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Ring in the new year with savings

January 7, 2021

 If the holidays were rough on your wallet, use these simple tricks to save extra money this winter.

Turn down the heat
Put your energy on a diet. We all like to stay toasty and warm in the winter, but lowering your thermostat can help you save real money. Turning off your heat while you’re sleeping or away from home can cut your heating bill by over $200 this winter.

Seal windows and doors from leaks
Is there a draft in your house? Check windows and doors for air leaks. Hold a tissue over gaps to see if cold air is blowing into your home. If the tissue flutters, you can add caulking or weather stripping to keep warm air in and cold air out. Draft-proofing windows and doors is an easy way to save money on energy costs and keep you warm for less.

Open blinds on sunny days
Even on the coldest days, the sun still carries a lot of heat. Open your blinds and drapes to let the sunshine into your home and enjoy the free heat. But, don’t forget to close them when the sun goes down to keep warm air in the room.

Try these tips to see a difference in your winter costs. Use the money you save to send a transfer or pay a bill for your loved ones abroad. It’s a safe and easy way to show them you care when you’re far apart. Check the latest exchange rates here!

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