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3 tips for staying connected during COVID-19

November 5, 2020

With travel restrictions in place due to the ongoing pandemic, many immigrants have been separated from friends and family for several months. The longer we remain in Coronavirus-related isolation, the harder it becomes to maintain strong connections with the people we love most. Although we might not be able to physically gather with loved ones this season, here are a few simple ways to stay connected to them.

Mail a letter
Sending a handwritten postcard or letter is a simple way to let people know you are thinking of them or that you miss them. Including a family photo, a small keepsake, or even just a few sentences about what’s going on in your life could help them feel more connected to you.

Create a playlist together
While we can’t physically dance together, building a virtual playlist might be the next best thing. Many music apps allow you to create collaborative playlists, so you can share songs that remind you of better times, or your favorite new jams with friends and family. You can archive the playlist and use it at the next family party to showcase your different personalities and experiences.

Send a transfer to friends and family
Show your friends and family you care by making a money transfer or helping them pay a bill (click here to check the latest exchange rates). Quarantining can be an isolating experience, so even a small act of compassion can go a long way. 

Use these tips to help you stay connected with friends and family even though you’re far apart.

Sending your loved ones the gift of cash is the most direct way to show your support and love.

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