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Automatic Transfers and Bill Pay: Turning Customer Insights Into Innovation

Pangea, we’ve made it our mission to help people move money effortlessly, starting with those who need it the most. Effortless money transfer requires keying into the obstacles and challenges that immigrants face when sending remittances.

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Delivering on Employee Benefits that Matter

Pangea develops employee-facing programs through strong relationships, open communication, and regular feedback.

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Pangea’s Engineering team’s insights from a week in Mexico City

The Pangea engineering team travels to Mexico City for an insightful visit and learn more about our customers and their lives.

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Pangea’s engagement team helps people connect technology to transfers

Pangea Brand Ambassadors –connecting with people and educating them on how to better use technology for financial decisions.

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Making money transfer safe and secure

Sending money abroad with Pangea is safe and secure thanks to our superior technology and team by your side. Download the app today!

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